The Frenzy has begun!

Well, it's begun! Today marks the beginning of Script Frenzy, the script-writing challenge I've taken up in which I am to churn out 100 pages of a script before the end of the month.
I've taken an idea which had been simmering for a couple of years, for which I'd jotted down some notes already, and ran with that. The last two weeks, I've expanded on the idea, made sure I had enough material, did minimal research, and outlined using Final Draft's index card feature.
The working title? HOMECOMING. The plot? Under wraps, I'm afraid.
I've got the first two scenes written, and I'd keep at it, the vibe is good and the words are flowing.
Alas, the real world calls out, and I must awaken the brethren for breakfast.
Tonight, we march on!